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Solar panels over organic raspberries: new installation in Lucerne canton

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A dynamic agri-PV installation named Insolagrin has been successfully installed at Boschmid GmbH in the canton of Lucerne. This installation is part of a pilot project aimed at comparing three different systems of solar panel installations along with a control zone. The Swiss federal research station Agroscope Conthey, responsible for the agronomy aspect, and the University of Bern, overseeing the PV component, will be conducting a three-year research study and supervising the project.

The pilot plant, initiated by bioschmid, has received support from various entities including the pilot and demonstration program of the Swiss Federal Energy Office, the Canton of Lucerne (Swisslos), the Fondation sur la Croix, other foundations, and the system suppliers involved.

This innovative system represents a significant milestone in Switzerland’s energy transition. It demonstrates the availability of immediately scalable solutions that not only safeguard horticultural plants but also generate green energy within the same area.

Spanning a raspberry plot measuring 2600m2, the agri-PV plant is projected to produce approximately 190 MWh of electricity per year in addition to the raspberry yield.

By facilitating the transition to more sustainable and resilient horticulture, the agri-PV plant supports growers in adopting eco-friendly practices. It serves as a viable alternative to traditional foil tunnels and provides consumers with the option to choose fruit produced with energy-conscious methods.

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