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Tesla wheel suspension breaks down at 200 km/h

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The Swiss owner of a Tesla got scared of his life when a carrier arm broke off his car. As a result, the car became out of control and there was a huge smoke cloud behind his car.

The Swiss drove his Tesla Model S 90D with a speed of 200 km / h from Stuttgart to Zurich, when he heard a very loud bang on the Autobahn during braking. In his rear-view mirrors, he said he saw a huge cloud of smoke and the car went out of control. Also, the car suddenly leaked brake fluid. The man reported the incident on a German site for Tesla fans.

The Swiss could stop his car without any problems and was not injured. But he was shocked by the clouds of smoke because he thought his car was on fire. In reality, the smoke was caused by his tire rubbing against the inside of the wheel well. The Swiss was very surprised when it appeared that this was caused by the breakdown of the lower arm of his Tesla.

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